Persistence of Pong

Persistence of Pong (P.O.P.) is a playable installation by Pittsburgh-based artist and musician Jesse Stiles.

An ordinary ping pong table is augmented with reactive sounds and lights, turning the game into a disorienting synesthetic experience for players and spectators alike. The installation presents players with syncopated patterns of light that play with the illusion known as persistence of vision – the phenomenon that distinguishes between the perception of still images versus continuous motion. These patterns are triggered directly by the bouncing of the ball, which is detected by microphones embedded in the table. Similarly, the installation presents disorienting patterns of sound that teeter between rhythm (individual sounds) and pitch as the speed of the action increases and decreases based on game play. Players may choose to cooperate by trying to keep the ball in play through increasingly hallucinatory levels or may seek to destroy the competition in the most disorienting ping pong environment technology can provide.

Warning: this installation involves intense flashing lights that may cause discomfort or trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

Also featuring: FLOP by Bennett Foddy

November 1st, 2019
During the Unblurred gallery crawl
205 North Evaline St
Pittsburgh, PA

Persistence of Pong will be playable throughout LIKELIKE’s winter break by appointment and during the February 7th gallery crawl.