The Olympics are back and they are more controversial than ever: a juggernaut displacing communities, wasting public money, superspreading diseases, and imposing outrageous rulings… LIKELIKE celebrates the ancient competition in its own way with an exhibition of outlandish sports videogames. Play some made-up disciplines with friends and strangers! Experience athletic ecstasy without breaking a sweat! No skills required! Come vaccinated, or mask up!

Games: Drink more Glurp by Catastrophic_overload /// My Exercise by Atsushi Wada, Ryoya Usuha & Playables /// What The Golf? By Triband /// Realistic Summer Sports Simulator by Captain Games /// Super Pole Riders by Bennett Foddy

Friday August 6th, 2021
During the Unblurred gallery crawl

205 North Evaline St
Pittsburgh, PA