YouXi DimSum 遊戲點心

What are we talking about when we talk about “Chinese Games”?

A nobody ran into fairy mountains by mistake, gathered five elements, and then ruled the martial art world? A secretly hidden agency rises from a cyberpunk underground and resists the system? A nuanced and metaphorical modern love story between emotionally reserved characters? These stereotypes could be half wrong half right — they were dissolved in a value and aesthetic liquid and have been permeating works in the cultural vessel that is so-called “Chinese.”

By presenting six selected games that were developed by Chinese designers, YouXi Dimsum destructs the stereotypical formulas and shows checkpoints scattered in a culture complex, rendering a more complete interpretation of Chinese Games from perspectives of mythology, spatial cognition, pictographic and symbolic narratives, and rhetoric, etc. At the same time, we acknowledge that this is not an exhibition representing Chinese games as a category or regional circle. Rather we want to highlight that they come together as a dim sum banquet and a collage that provides a rich yet non-exhaustive vertical slice of the fussy virtual cake known as “Chinese Games.”

Curated by Ruixuan Li and Allison Yang Jing

Works by: Qiang Jiadong /// Yi Xie /// BitCA /// Rachel Li /// Optillusion Games /// Team 9

Friday May 5th, 2023
During the Unblurred gallery crawl

205 North Evaline St
Pittsburgh, PA