LIKELIKE ONLINE presents: An Itsy Bitsy Crisis

Join us for the opening of LIKELIKE ONLINE, the littlest Massively Multiplayer Online World! Choose a fashionable avatar, hang out with pixelated friends, stand awkwardly in the corner of a loud gallery, play obscure games together… just like before the pandemic!

This month we are presenting a selection of works about crises and rebirths. All six games are made in Bitsy, a friendly tool created by Adam Le Doux. In recent years the Bitsy scene has produced a myriad of playable zines, confessional pieces, minimalistic adventures, and interactive poems. Playing and making Bitsy games is a perfect activity for a long day in quarantine.

Works: Our Damned Machine by Sophie Houlden /// Continental Drift by Cecile Richard /// Almanac of girlswampwar territory (…) by porpentine charity heartscape /// spiral house by Withering Systems /// Moss as Texture as Space Folding Onto Itself by Pol Clarissou /// The Last Human Touch by Cephalopodunk

Cover image: World of Bitsy by Mark Wonnacott

Friday, April 3rd 7PM-11PM
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Playable with your browser of choice!