First Person Soother

LIKELIKE Online is expanding to the third dimension! Create a cute/repulsive avatar and hang out with friends and strangers in a stunningly realistic virtual recreation of our gallery.

The show will feature six games experimenting with the first person perspective. From diaristic stop motion to abstract soundscapes, all the pieces are playable in just a few minutes and from the comfort of your home.

Works: If We Were Allowed To Visit by Gemma Mahadeo and Ian MacLarty /// Sepulchre by Sean S. LeBlanc /// I AM NOT WHAT REMAINS by ompuco /// Meditative Anxiety by Ansh Patel /// Dialogue 3-D by Ramsey Nasser /// 10 Mississippi by Karina Popp

Opening: Friday September 4th

Browser-based (computer), free and open to the public.