Interactive Movie Night

A special live-streamed event featuring four audience-controlled movies from three different generations. Opening the evening is Kinoautomat, a 1967 Czech satire of democracy that holds up surprisingly well today. Following next, I’m Your Man, a proof-of-concept for a future of cinema that never materialized. Representing the era of CD-ROMs is Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Choices, an original piece produced for LIKELIKE and based on a semi-forgotten educational game starring Quentin Tarantino and Jennifer Aniston. Closing the evening is The Immoral Ms. Conduct, a cheeky mix of found footage and animation set in a female prison.

The viewers will be able to vote in real time at every forking path. 

Don’t miss this unique quadruple feature! All the films are hard to find and threatened by different forms of technological obsolescence.


Friday August 7, 2020
Starting at 7 PM Eastern Standard Time
On Twitch at:



Kinoautomat (1967), directed by Radúz Činčera
I’m Your Man (1992), directed by Bob Bejan
Steven Spielberg’s Director’s Choices, directed by Steven Spielberg (1996), remixed by Molleindustria (2020)
The Immoral Ms. Conduct (2011) by Hannah Epstein