Cars and Crimes

On July 19th a stolen car rolled down the hill driverless and crashed into likelike’s front door. We acknowledge this irruption of real life into the art world with a special exhibition of delinquent driving games that are not Grand Theft Auto.
What it is like to make love to a gay car? To be a one-armed bear at the wheel? To steal a car from your boss and drive it through an infinite shopping mall? To escape your past during Italy’s tumultuous seventies? To drive blindfolded against traffic?

Works: Elegy by Joseph Delappe /// Lost Wage Rampage by Jane Friedhoff /// Blind Drive by Lo-fi People /// Enviro-Bear 2000 by Justin Smith /// Wheels of Aurelia by Santa Ragione /// Stick Shift by Robert Yang

Friday August 3rd, 2018
During the Unblurred gallery crawl

205 North Evaline St
Pittsburgh, PA
Enter from the backyard door!