LIKELIKE ONLINE Presents: A Pico Pandemic

LIKELIKE online is back with a brand new virtual exhibition of tiny games about isolation, existential dread, human touch and lack thereof.

All the works in the showcase are made for PICO-8, a “fantasy console” created by Lexaloffle Games (Joseph White). Like the consoles of the ‘80s, PICO-8 imposes harsh technical limitations in terms of resolution, colors and cartridge memory. An entire community of virtuoso developers, demoscenesters, and retro-remakers thrives in this hyper constrained environment.

The Online Museum of Multiplayer Art will be open as well. Bring your friends for some safe, socially distanced, fun.

Works: STRUNG OUT in heaven’s high by Sean S. LeBlanc and Ian Martin /// Hybris by Benjamin Soulé /// Embrace by Remy Devaux /// Get Comfortable by mcccclean /// Ennuigi by Josh Millard /// Various Creators from the PICO-8 demo scene

Friday, May 1st 7PM-11PM
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Everything is playable from the browser.

Cover image based on “nCoV” by Michał Rostocki